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About Acasia


The journey of Acasia Global Consulting, began in 2006. The richness of the training machinery, its consulting acumen and the dream of building a strong socialinfrastructure based on seamless education system has propelled Acasia Global towards a new height in such a short span of time.

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Services & Solutions


Acasia Global Consulting LLP adds value to institutions, companies and government organizations by providing research based knowledge inputs. It outlines ethical code of conduct and CSR strategies of companies. It provides sustainable strategic consulting to organizations. It helps organizations to conceptualize and implement CER (Corporate Environmental Responsibility) and SRI (Socially Relevant Investment) strategies.

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Acasia Track Record


In 2014, Acasia Global consolidated its operations and became Acasia Global Consulting LLP. The Environmental Risk management, managing sustainability issue became new area of competence to us. From this year, we were providing strategic consulting in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) and SRI (Socially Relevant Investment).

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